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Prices & Conditions

The apartments are in a completely renovated late nineteenth century building. Therefore every apartment is different in size, shape and design. We recommend you to personally visit the apartments to locate the ideal apartment for your requirements.

Accomodation Types

The residence offers 4 different accomodation 

Type A : Studio with private kitchen and bathroom.

Type B : Two room apartment (living room and bedroom) with private kitchen and bathroom.

Type C : Private room in shared apartment (the living room, the kitchen and the 2 bathrooms are shared with other guests).

Type D : Shared studio (two guests in one studio). You have to find the other roommate on your own*.

* For the shared studio only the prepaid year payment option (with 5% discount) is possible.


Stay of short duration:

The standard contracts are for a period of 12 months. In case of availability, however it is possible to sign contracts for shorter periods.

Short term:
Prices start from CHF 58. - per day for Studios and CHF 78.- per day for Executive Suites, plus the cost of the final cleaning. Ask for a quote.

Medium term:
Stay for medium duration can be agreed on the basis of availability. Semester contracts have a supplement of 15% over standard prices.
Quarterly contracts 
have a supplement of 30% over standard prices. 


The prices (per person, per month) vary according to the different types of accomodation:

Type A : starting from CHF 886.- plus expenses.

Type B 
starting from CHF 1326.- plus expenses.

Type C 
starting from CHF 689.- plus expenses.

Type D 
starting from CHF 569.- plus expenses.

Payment options:
Prepaid semesters: 
- full price (pre-payment of the first
  Semester in September and the
  second Semester in January).
Prepaid academic year:
-  5% discount
-  9 and half months or 10 months
    contract (according to your
    academic needs).

To make a valid reservation, the amount of CHF 2500.- has to be paid on our bank account.

This amount will be considered as a downpayment on the rent payment. If the reservation is subsequently cancelled, no refund of this amount will be awarded.

In case of multiple reservations for the same apartment, the apartment will be assigned in base of the date of paiment of the reservation fee (on a first come, first served base).

Contract duration and departure:

In the event of early return, agreed with the administration, this must take place within the last day of the month.

If the return takes place in delay, (i.e., from the first day of the following month), the month started is entirely charged.

No exceptions to this rule are made: every month is entirely charged.

The cost of the final cleaning is CHF 285.-


The expenses (per person, per month) for the different types, are the following:


Type A :
Ancillary expenses: CHF 78.-
Furniture: CHF 36.-
Internet: CHF 26.-
Gym:  CHF  18.-
(Total: CHF 158.-)

Type B :
Ancillary expenses: CHF 89.-
Furniture: CHF 36.-
Internet: CHF 26.-
Gym:  CHF  18.-
(Total: CHF 169.-)

Type C :
Ancillary expenses: CHF 56.-
Furniture: CHF 19.-
Internet: CHF 26.-
Gym:  CHF  8.-
(Total: CHF 109.-)

Type D :
Ancillary expenses: CHF 37.-
Furniture: CHF 28.-
Internet: CHF 16.-
Gym:  CHF  8.-
(Total: CHF 89.-)

The ancillary expenses include:
- heating
- hot and cold water
- cleaning of stairways and common
- gardening expenses

The insurance and administrative fees (CHF 
268.- once per year) and the contract fee (CHF 68.-) are not included.

A deposit for the electronic key (CHF 100.-) and a deposit for the furniture are requested. The amounts will be reimbursed at the end of the stay.

Delivery times of the accommodations:
The delivery of the accommodations is only possible from Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 10:00 - 16:00 o’clock.

Deliveries outside of these hours are only possible in exceptional cases against payment of a supplement for the operator in charge.